Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

Today’s designer faces two essential questions: how do you perceive the world around you, and what character do you play within that world?

In response to this, the 2019 Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show seeks to imagine design projects as elements of various possible futures. DAE considers its agency as a community—of makers, users, mentors, students, performers, and viewers—to work together towards the fictional universe(s) of our choice. This year’s show is based on eight worldviews and five design characters evoked by cross-department selections of bachelors’ or masters’ projects.

From 120 bachelors’ projects, eight distinct worlds emerge. Landscape Amnesia relates to the retention or adaptation of cultural memory; Unknown Caller alludes to precarious employment; Training Set imbues artificial intelligence with the complexities of human identity; Seven Continents, One Ocean explores oceanic society under international law. Meanwhile, The Scavengers delves into the innovations of junkyard inhabitants; Hidden Publics examines urban subterfuge; The Guests are confined to therapeutic quarantine; finally, Channel Eight examines the tools used in the post-truth market of influence. In parallel, the 61 masters’ projects model five different characters, each one a distinct typology of designer: Performer, Critical Observer, Material Appropriator, Situated Agent, and Empath.

With its 2019 graduation show, Design Academy Eindhoven seeks to acknowledge the complexity of each project and the interlinkages between them. When design fictions work collectively, they transform individual dreams into potential realities—and redefine the channels through which designers can exercise their voice and their impact..

Curatorial Team: Joseph Grima (creative director), Tamar Shafrir and Colin Keays (concept design), Daphna Laurens (exhibition design), Studio Remco van Bladel (graphic design), Nienke Helder
18–27 October 2019
Eindhoven, Netherlands